Where do you plot 1 7/8 on number line

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Step 1: Draw a number line of a suitable length.

Step 2: If the given fraction is a proper fraction, then mark points 0 and 1 on the number line. Or, if it is an improper fraction, then first convert it into a mixed fraction, and then mark two integers between those the given fraction lies. For example, to represent 3/2 or




, mark points 1 and 2 on the number line.

Step 3: Draw an equal number of parts of the numbers marked in step 2 which will be equal to the denominator of the fraction.

Step 4: Starting from the left point, count forward the number of parts shown by the numerator.

Step 5: Mark the point on the line.
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Before 1 4/3
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Representing fractions on number line shows the intervals between two integers which will help us to increase the basic concept on formation of fractional numbers
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you should divided the distance between zero and number one to eight equal pieces then choose the seventh one.
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