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The 6 types of weather they are :

1- the heat

When we talk about air temperature, here we mean the temperature, which is measured on the scale of Celsius.

2- Humidity

It is a very important aspect in weather conditions and without it, humans cannot restrict life

3- Rainfall

It is raining, and it can be in the form of snow, ice, spray, or water points, and the formation of these particles depends on the weather conditions

4- wind.

5- Wind movement

It depends on the degree of heat of the sun to the earth, and through that, meteorologists inform the type of weather or storm that will occur within days.

6- Clouds

It is a group of frozen water and is formed in the form of clouds and has three types (aggregate, stratus, and clouds).

6- Air pressure

They are particles that push down. The weight of the air that is pushed down is what is called atmospheric pressure.

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